Rise up. 


Rise up to be YOU. 

Go ahead, take a deep breath, and rise up and expand into the limitless of your extraordinary-ness. 

You were created in love and by love - big, vast, expansive love and that same big, vast, expansive love is in you still. 

It is YOU. 

You were not created to be small. 

Choose to be big. 

Where are you holding yourself down?

Where are you holding yourself back?

Where, darling, are you playing small? 

You are not small. 

You are just playing small. Stop playing this game. It does not serve you. 

Shed those layers of tightness that keep you shrouded in darkness, hiding in the corners. 

Set down the heaviness, that conceals with its weight. 

Take off the constricting beliefs that you have been wearing as a shield for too long. They are suffocating you. Take them off and breathe into the space that is there for you. 

Rise up in yourself to be the most vibrant and alive version of you. 

Rise up to the you that has been calling to you from deep within your heart. 

Rise up and reach for the hand of the you that knows, really knows, the truth of who you are. That you are light and love and truth and grace. 

Take her by the hand and let her pull you into her. She had been waiting for you. 

Rise up and know your-self. 

Live and breathe and move as if you knew how exceptional you are. 

Don’t hold back in that knowing. Don’t choose to be small.  

Rise up. 

It’s time. 

Jennifer JarrettComment