Do I need to practice yoga to do The Choose Love Project?

Definitely not. The CLP is inspired by many of the tenets of yoga, but you do not need to have any prior experience with yoga to be able to fully participate in the program.

How much time will it take me to complete the exercises each week?

This is really up to you, but I would anticipate about spending about 20 minutes a day on the exercises in the workbook. That said, if you feel inspired to spend more time, please feel free to spend more time. Spend as much time as you like and as much as you can. You can’t do this program wrong. Just stay committed to completing the daily exercises to the best of your ability.

Do I need to send my completed exercises to you?

No. This work is for you and for you alone. However, I am available for additional coaching at any point should you feel like this would be of benefit to you before, during or after the online work. This additional coaching is not included in the price of the program.

What do I get as a part of the program?

Each week has a different theme. Each week you will receive a workbook that has exercises relevant to the week’s theme with the overall goal of making empowered choices that are rooted in love. The heart of the work exists in the workbook, but you will also receive weekly videos that introduce the topic for the week, an audio recording for a weekly meditation, a video of 20-25 minute yoga practice, a carefully curate theme-inspired playlist, access to a private Facebook group with other CLP participants, weekly group coaching calls during the program and new tools and perspectives. Additionally, you will receive discounted prices on future programs, a five year subscription to The Choose Love Project’s “Choosing Love This Year” workbook, and priority registration for in person immersions and retreats.

I’m interested in doing more of this work. Are there any follow up programs?

Yes, we will be scheduling immersions and retreats throughout the year. These are opportunities to go deeper into the work of the CLP in awesome locations with equally amazing people. Please be on the lookout for updates.

How much does it cost?

4 payments of $89 each via PayPal.

Can I cancel my enrollment?

All registrations are non-transferable and non-refundable.