Kind Words

Jennifer Jarrett offers a sweet and soulful vinyasa flow. She embodies yoga, giving with devotion and a heartfelt sincerity to uplift others. Jennifer brilliantly threads together the wisdom of the ancient teachings, the heart of Bhakti Yoga and delivers it all in a contemporary and mindful way, not leaving anyone behind. She shares her beautiful voice, and offers wisdom applicable to today's world, plays rhythmic beats, and allows us space to be as we are. She's fun and funny, playful and serious, a beautiful and skillful balance. Jennifer's classes leave me feeling cleansed of the stuff that doesn't matter in life and reminded and inspired by all the great things that do. I'm so grateful for Jennifer and all that she brings into this world. ~CM 

Jennifer’s energy transforms the room the minute she walks in with a vibrant, intelligent authenticity that represents not only her own personal practice, but also provides a challenging yet accessible experience for each student to work the their own personal edge.  I thoroughly enjoy the intensity she offers and wraps it in compassion where I feel supported by her knowledge and encouraged to honor the subtleties of my body.  Her joyful, heart-centered classes leave me inspired, and it is a privilege to recommend her as a beacon to the teachings of yoga in this modern world. ~EB

If you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying one of Jennifer Jarrett’s yoga classes, you’re missing out on one of the most talented teachers with whom I have ever practiced. Jennifer’s class will touch your soul while your body flows. The chanting at the very beginning never fails to assist in intention setting as well as overall mood of gratitude. Prepare to be challenged and encouraged by her delicate manner and voice.  Jennifer’s playlists are the most well thought out strings of music I have ever experienced and make each class extra dreamy. You will sweat. You will smile. You will be back for more because what she has to offer in terms of practice guidance is rare. ~JD

Jennifer is a gift to the entire yoga community. I have had the privilege of working with her over the past 15 years. She has a way about her that relates to students and teachers; her energy is very unique and natural, which comes across in a loving, kind manner. She always delivers a powerful class but gives you the permission to be able to do what you can in the most comforting and caring way. You can feel the openness of her heart in her teaching; she has a compassionate aura that I have only experienced with her. ~KF

Jennifer has such a loving and energetic spirit. She leads each class with such thoughtful finesse. Her classes are always different, always really challenging, and always accompanied by awesome playlists. I inevitably walk away from her class feeling cleansed of my day, feeling completely worked out, and instantly looking forward to my next class with her. ~ET

I love, love, love Jennifer's classes! She has the wonderful ability to make everyone feel welcome in the space. Jennifer bridges this delicate balance between strength and femininity. Her classes are demanding, but you'll get to enjoy pushing yourself to the edge and then sinking right into an opening pose. She's extremely patient and amazing and I look forward to every time I get to take one of her classes.  ~EL

Jennifer will lead you through a vigorous, devotional practice pushing you towards that knife edge between where you've been and where you can go. All with a smile and just the right amount of encouragement. You've never been here before. At moments the music might compel your hips to sway or perhaps your heart to melt. If you are lucky you'll start and end your practice with some chanting. Fear not. It doesn't matter what it sounds like, you are opening your lungs, unifying your breath and joining with the chorus of the room. Welcome home. You are in good hands. ~KR