The Choose Love Project Online Course
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The Choose Love Project Online Course
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What is it?

An 8-week online program of deeply empowered self-study.

Designed to:

Identify patterned thinking and behavior that is driving your life.

Go into the deep knowing of the heart to be able to hear the voice of intuition.

Create deep awareness that you have the power to choose the thoughts you think.

Turn down the white noise of the patterned thinking and turn up the voice of inner wisdom.

Rewrite and rework the patterns and stories into ones that support you in being the most vibrant, alive, courageous and powerful version of yourself.

Wake you up to the truth of who you really are by CHOOSING LOVE and making choices that are rooted in and inspired by love.

The Choose Love Project is a comprehensive program of deeply empowered self-study intended to identify patterned thinking and behavior so that you can then choose ways of thinking and doing and being that are in alignment with who you really are and who you want to be. This yoga-inspired program is for your body, heart, mind and soul and supports you in amplifying your energy and elevating your life so that the choices you make are choices rooted in love. The program will offer an online foundational 8 week course in addition to coaching, workshops and immersions.

The Choose Love Project is centered in making choices that are rooted in love and motivated by love, one choice and one decision at a time. So much of our patterned and conditioned thinking doesn’t even bring the idea of love into the equation. So much of the way we live our lives and the thoughts that we choose to give our attention to are simply tethered to habits, not conscious choice. This is intended to inspire a more conscious and intentional way of living that results in more joy, connection and way less suffering.

The Choose Love Project is all about making choices that are aligned with love so that you can pretty much start living a love-filled and just plain awesome life. 

It is about living in intention and acting with intention in order to elevate your life

It is a powerful call to action that offers meaningful coaching to help you to design a life that is rooted in love and in the undeniable force of choosing love in all things. 

By choosing love you are making a conscious choice to redesign your life in a way that is defined by intention, alignment and possibility. 

Let it be noted that choose love is the absolute opposite of being passive and disengaged. It is about being fully present and fully engaged in your life, showing up completely for yourself and aligning your life so deeply with the qualities and principles of love that you create a life that you love. Like really love. And a relationship with yourself that you really really love. 

Choosing love is a philosophy for living your life in a directed and meaningful way. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, in fact, it is intended to take the overwhelm out of the equation.


Do I need to practice yoga to do The Choose Love Project?

Definitely not. The CLP is inspired by many of the tenets of yoga, but you do not need to have any prior experience with yoga to be able to fully participate in the program.

How much time will it take me to complete the exercises each week?

This is really up to you, but I would anticipate about spending about 20 minutes a day on the exercises in the workbook. That said, if you feel inspired to spend more time, please feel free to spend more time. Spend as much time as you like and as much as you can. You can’t do this program wrong. Just stay committed to completing the daily exercises to the best of your ability.

Do I need to send my completed exercises to you?

No. This work is for you and for you alone. However, I am available for additional coaching at any point should you feel like this would be of benefit to you before, during or after the online work. This additional coaching is not included in the price of the program.

What do I get as a part of the program?

Each week has a different theme. A new module will be released at the beginning of the week. Each module will contain exercises relevant to the week’s theme with the overall goal of making empowered choices that are rooted in love. The heart of the work exists in the lessons, but you will also receive a carefully curated theme-inspired playlist, access to a private Facebook group with other CLP participants, two group coaching calls during the program in addition to new tools and perspectives. Additionally, you will receive discounted prices on future programs, a three year subscription to The Choose Love Project’s “Choosing Love This Year” workbook, and priority registration for in person immersions and retreats.

I’m interested in doing more of this work. Are there any follow up programs?

Yes, we will be scheduling immersions and retreats throughout the year. These are opportunities to go deeper into the work of the CLP in awesome locations with equally amazing people. Please be on the lookout for updates.

How much does it cost?

One payment of $347 via PayPal OR 4 payments of $97.

Can I cancel my enrollment?

All registrations are non-transferable and non-refundable. No exceptions.